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Fort Lauderdale Florida is located on Florida's southern coast, near the shores of oily man-made lake, bordered by Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Its climate is subtropical, with hot summers and cold winters. The metropolitan area has the second largest number of people of any city in Florida, after Orlando. The local population consists of different ethnic groups including Hispanic, black, Asian and Middle Eastern. The population growth rate is slightly higher than the national average, but the city's economy is diversified, due to its abundance of highly qualified professionals, its huge tourism industry, and its abundance of highly educated and skilled labor, which makes it a good place to relocate to, especially if you are planning to retire.

Fort Lauderdale has a great deal of recreational activities and events that draw large numbers of tourists to its beaches, clubs and downtown districts. The famous "Oceana" seashore resort draws millions of people annually, as do the many indoor water parks scattered across the city. Fort Lauderdale was the location where the film industry came up with the idea of filmed movies in the decades long heyday of Hollywood. Other local landmarks include the Miramar Air Force Base, which house the 7th Air Force Wing, and the Miami-Dade County Public Library, which is the state's largest.

As for the national demographics, it is safe to assume that the national Hispanic population will continue to grow, as well as the population of Mexican-Americans and other immigrants from Central America. Because of this, employment opportunities are abundant for local professionals, while the unemployment rate is low due to the economic downturn, leaving a pool of hungry potential workers for the various businesses that cater to the growing Hispanic population. In the past, there were not many local businesses catering to the needs of the Hispanic working population. Today, however, due to the local businesses catering to the needs of the Hispanic and native-born population, there are many restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, home goods stores and other businesses that specialize in ethnic and cultural products and services. All of these new businesses have an opportunity to flourish because the labor force is increasing, and there is plenty of business and jobs.

One of the biggest challenges facing the local Hispanic population is housing. Until recently, there was little residential development available in South Florida, except for some older neighborhoods that are still run down. Now, however, new housing developments are being constructed that provide much needed housing options to those who have migrated to Florida in large numbers. Since most newcomers are from south of the border, there is an increased need for housing in Fort Lauderdale.

With a little research, it is possible to find a variety of rental properties that will fit all pocketbook and lifestyle requirements. Fort Lauderdale real estate offers an abundance of rental properties. Some are even foreclosed upon, allowing immigrants to live in the comfort of their own homes, while avoiding the risk of being kicked out of their hotel or apartment. Fort Lauderdale FL real estate offers a diversity of housing options, especially to the foreign-born population. Even single family homes are now being designed specifically for this new influx of population.

The new town center, which includes a major league arena, shopping malls and other attractions, is proving to be an economic boon to the town of Fort Lauderdale. With more development on the way, there is no doubt that Fort Lauderdale will continue to thrive as one of the most popular destinations in South Florida. We can only imagine what the future holds for this beautiful southern city!

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